Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are typically involved when buying a home?

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  1. Determine your price range. Try using our Affordability Calculator.

  2. Make a Top Ten List of the most important features you are looking for in a home. Check out our Feature Catalog.

  3. Browse, Share and Compare Listings. Begin your search on our site.

  4. Schedule a Private Tour. Once you have set up your account, you can schedule your tour with FeeKeeper.

  5. Make an offer. Once you have decided on the right property, use our site to make an offer! FeeKeeper also offers free virtual home-buying classes, that can help you learn all the ins and outs from an experienced Realtor.

Still have more questions about how to buy a home? FeeKeeper offers free virtual home-buying classes which can help you learn everything you’ll need to know from an experienced Realtor.